A Savage Hindu, He doesn't give 2 shits about what you say, he is a DEV!
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by 1g87christophjj May 01, 2019
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Dev is commonly a name used in Indian culture. A Dev is usually mistaken for Game Dev as in Developer, but that is just a Racial Coincidence. Dev is usually a pisstaker, and it is common behaviour for them to think they are funny but most of their jokes are shit. They are also renowned for their ego, which is supposedly still smaller than their dick. Dev can also be used as the lowest form of insult to a person.
What a dickhead!
Who do you think? Dev!
Oh *feels like a stupidass*
by Meaningsmeister January 05, 2018
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A male Indian that enjoys to stroke the shaft and swallow the gravy. You usually find a Dev under a bridge, asleep, covered with semen. If you find a Dev you should run away because he will try to rape you.
Guy 1 : Hey man don't go near that bridge i heard there was a Dev snatching everybody up.

Guy 2 : Oh thanks I don't plan on getting raped today.
by Tits McGee123 October 12, 2010
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1. Dev


n. Abbr. "D" anecdotal.

Dev has become an expression for the niche kink of Flamingo bestiality.

The term is believed to have gained its current meaning on a Bitch Board.

(Middle English, Dayve, noun, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin d'aive (translation of Arabic ou-ch, (expression, noun); see d-men-ted; Indo-European roots.)

2. Dev.


1 "whoa! Paul's got a severe attack of JOOC, and gone to Florida to do a Dev.. Barf"

2. Business card: Paul. Dev.
by Mullah Sans Serif November 26, 2006
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dev - a term that has come to mean devilish, naughty, wicked, troublesome, cheeky or subversive.
"He was well dev that man", "I devved them to the max" and "What a dev you are but I like you"
by devboy June 26, 2007
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The word "Dev" is often refered too as another name for whore,slut,hoe,tramp and or skank.
I heard that she woke up smelling of fish and then confessed that she totally acted like a dev last night!
by uhn November 01, 2007
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