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Sensationlist trash channel. State media dumbed down so even Dubya can understand it.
Fox News tries blame everything on liberals, and all its arguments could be defeated by a 7th grader.
by Devin March 23, 2005

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The best thing outa boston since the bean and i outa know my cousin james is in the band.
The dropkick Murphys Kick soo Much ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Devin January 08, 2004

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An alternative rock band lead by Billy Corgan, (who's voice is very awesome and original, but disliked by many idiots )from the late 80's until their breakup in 2000.
The Jewish teen watched in amazement at the screen, feeling a rush of nostalgia as the Smashing Pumpkins DVD played in front of him.
by devin December 15, 2003

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One's Ego over the internet
I just necro wagond this kid and i bet his e penis just shrunk 6 inches
by Devin May 17, 2006

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A terrible captain
Craptain Planet is the worst captain ever!
by Devin July 26, 2003

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shoot em up
im gonna busta cap in yo ass
by devin February 14, 2004

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a large stone used to chuck at people
I chucked that stone at bob and it hurt him and he said ouch
by Devin March 08, 2004

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