"shit! that guy is so hot, he's such a Dev"
by bootybae October 4, 2015
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A wellspoken person who tends to be mean at some points if you annoy him/her, people named Dev are usually fairly attractive, they always are looking for someone to help, they tend to be good and faithful people.
Dev is goat
by Lorddev March 16, 2017
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Dev’s an introvert, he likes Juice WRLD music, and has always been a shy guy, but he knows his stuff
He’s such a Dev!

Be like dev, know your shit!
by dwrld February 16, 2021
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Dev-eloper Programmer
Im a friggin dev you smut.
by Anon July 1, 2003
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Dev: that spider is huge
Barry: no Dev, you're huge.
by Avery Franch March 26, 2019
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A very talented indie artist. Her tracks are mostly eltro-pop rap. But don't let the genre distract you, she is a straight G!
Erica: "Did you listen to Johnny boy's new song?"

Jesse: "No. I was online searching for Dev's "Booty Bounce". She so gansta!"

Erica: "Word!"
by MsAnimaniac August 23, 2010
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