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Indian Culture is a term used by Hindu fundamentalists as an excuse for women's rights abuse, for enforcing a regressive male-dominated society, for targeting social activists, for denying basic human rights to sections of society, and for mob-attacking and molesting young girls.
It is a term used by religious fundamentalists for taking India to such a backward state, that never actually existed in history.
Regular guy: Why do the moral police always target the young generation?
Hindu extremist guy: All these things they are doing, it is not in our ancient Indian culture.
Regular guy: Why do you use a mobile phone? Is that in our ancient culture? Why do you wear jeans, sunglasses, sport shoes?
Hindu extremist: All that is different.
Regular guy: So only the things that you don't like are western culture. Everything *you* like is not western.
Hindu extremist: All this western education is corrupting your mind. Don't become like Americans and forget our great culture.
Regular guy: Does our culture teach you to disrespect women?
Hindu extremist: Anyone who says bad things about our culture, we will teach him a lesson! JAI SHRI RAM!!
Regular guy: (shakes his head in disbelief and walks away)
by Dhawal August 02, 2012
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