To puke after much drinking.

(D)rink (E)quals (V)omit.
The pissed drunk cock devved all over his shirt.
by j-Rok February 05, 2003
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Dev Pote is 13-year-old boy who goes to Emirates International School in Dubai and he is very stupid
Dev Pote is a benchot
by skskskskskskssk January 19, 2019
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Dev is the most crazy and daring person u'll ever meet .He is very smart and funny .He is the best guy for every girl . He is very Hot and charming . Girls die for him he's so Hot. He can get along with everyone he's so gullible. He's the best guy for dating u won't find anyone better. U want a hot boy he's da Man
Dev is Goat
by HotStash March 17, 2019
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A male Indian that enjoys to stroke the shaft and swallow the gravy. You usually find a Dev under a bridge, asleep, covered with semen. If you find a Dev you should run away because he will try to rape you.
Guy 1 : Hey man don't go near that bridge i heard there was a Dev snatching everybody up.

Guy 2 : Oh thanks I don't plan on getting raped today.
by Tits McGee123 October 12, 2010
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1. Dev


n. Abbr. "D" anecdotal.

Dev has become an expression for the niche kink of Flamingo bestiality.

The term is believed to have gained its current meaning on a Bitch Board.

(Middle English, Dayve, noun, from Anglo-Norman, from Latin d'aive (translation of Arabic ou-ch, (expression, noun); see d-men-ted; Indo-European roots.)

2. Dev.


1 "whoa! Paul's got a severe attack of JOOC, and gone to Florida to do a Dev.. Barf"

2. Business card: Paul. Dev.
by Mullah Sans Serif November 26, 2006
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dev - a term that has come to mean devilish, naughty, wicked, troublesome, cheeky or subversive.
"He was well dev that man", "I devved them to the max" and "What a dev you are but I like you"
by devboy June 26, 2007
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The word "Dev" is often refered too as another name for whore,slut,hoe,tramp and or skank.
I heard that she woke up smelling of fish and then confessed that she totally acted like a dev last night!
by uhn November 01, 2007
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