To get distracted for a while halfway while you're doing something.
"Have you finished that research yet?"

"SHIT! I got sidetracked! Been playing Club Penguin all this while."
by etterorua January 14, 2009
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to become extremely impaired to the point of rambling about several different topics at once or in quick succession

so high, you keep changing subjects without realizing it
"Man, this shits got me sidetracked ...."
by acestoner January 28, 2008
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Social context: Meet (as in see again/ or for the first time) a person who you don't really appreciate being with, and getting stuck with him/ her.
Jonathan, Mark and Darriel are waking towards the balcony in a party. On the way, Darriel is spotted by her high-school colleague, who is a nerd (while Darriel is really cool) and she HAS to talk to her for a while.
Once in the balcony, Mark says:
- Hey, where is Darriel??
Jonathan: She got sidetracked!
by Leonardo ST August 19, 2009
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When one or one's gf/bf starts talking about other guys/girls excessively/obsessively. Also when they get very interested in other people.
Rox (Mer's gf): *talks about "cute kid in math"*
Mer (Rox's bf): you should take pictures of him and show me exactly how "cute" he is.
Rox: atleast I'd have pics of him
Mer: wait what? you never said anything like that about having pics of me.
Rox: sorry I got sidetracked!
by Mertown September 20, 2007
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when your in the process of NOT being commited to an ongoing/prior engadgement.
BOSS: "Why in the fuck isnt this done, Charlie."

CHARLIE: "Sidetrackation is a bitch."
by Charles Oen June 3, 2007
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When one is trying to do something but they become preoccupied by something else
When Eliza trys to leave, she becomes annoying preoccupied by Bob, therefore under going sidetrackation.
by Bob Gavin August 26, 2005
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