Dev: that spider is huge
Barry: no Dev, you're huge.
by Avery Franch March 25, 2019
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Dev: a nice person who gets called Dave or David by his friend swastik. He is normally very nice and outgoing but if you annoy him he’ll turn savage. His hobby is stalking tylina with swastik.
Swas I think I saw tylina mating at McDonald’s let’s go and 3rd wheel

Great idea dev
by Swazzzzzzzy September 04, 2021
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a person or action relating to a high consumption of alcohol or a person who lacks common sense.
That girl at that party last night was sooo dev.
by damiz June 22, 2010
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Dev is a GOAT. He is a god. No lie this man is a genius. This Definition is 100 percent accurate. I, the definition writer, is not biased or being forced to write this in any way. This person did not tell me to lie, because Dev is awesome. He is not a scrub. The fact that you actually had to search up Dev's awesome to confirm just proves that you all have a very low IQ.
T: what is the best compliment you can ever receive
Ayush: Being called a Dev is the single most biggest achievement I could ever ask for.
by No Scrubs :) March 09, 2019
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The only girl able to alter the demeanor of every person in a room as she enters. Men and women alike adore a Dev, rather they yearn for her. Her beauty is impossible to recreate, she is unique, the only girl you'll ever meet like her, a Dev will forever stand out in a crowd. Beware though, as a Dev can never be had. She is the Devil's only daughter and behaves exactly as such. She is defiant by nature, never gives in to temptation, as no temptation will ever be good enough to persuade this toxic creature. A Dev prefers to live a life at her own will, having whom she wants, when she so chooses. Her bed is forever marked by the scent of many men, as she bores easier than even the man himself. People fall in love with a Dev more readily than any other woman, and though it's unexplainable, it always happens, they cannot control the urge to break their barriers for a Dev. The finality of a relationship with a Dev is brutal, deadly almost. A Dev plays your heart for a bloodsport, and enjoys every tear shed for her. Then of course, she moves forward as you remain but ashes in her past.
by FuckedOverByaDev November 29, 2011
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A really beautiful girl, who's a great kisser, extremely outgoing and loud. Dev's are afraid of having a relationship and falling in love.
She's really pretty, too bad she's a Dev. I won't be able to get her...
by just another monkey April 10, 2011
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