a person or action relating to a high consumption of alcohol or a person who lacks common sense.
That girl at that party last night was sooo dev.
by damiz June 22, 2010
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A Savage Hindu, He doesn't give 2 shits about what you say, he is a DEV!
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by 1g87christophjj May 01, 2019
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God's mind. A place where humans only appear to have free will but in fact do not. A place where every human action is predetermined as if we are on "tram tracks".

From the FX miniseries Devs written by Alex Garland, "Devs" is an alternate spelling of "Deus" using the Latin "v" as "u", meaning God.
I'm telling you man, this place is Devs! Free will is only an illusion.

At first I thought everything was a coincidence or a result of random probability, but now I'm starting to think we're living in Devs.
by The Gideon Lion August 10, 2020
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Quiet Kid, He is really helpful and is kind to everyone. He never budend any one with his problems and always listens to others. He has a rough time at home, so it someone annoys him it would take a while for him to break. He is generally a teachers favorite student or a teachers pet. He is outstanding at Math and Science. He only has 1 person who he will trust and that person will also be almost like him.
Person 1: Hey who is that and why is he helping that loser. Person 2: That's definitely Dev he wants to help everyone.
Person 1: lets not piss him off. Person 2: He is way to nice. Person 1: Ya
by Ultimex April 16, 2019
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Dev: that spider is huge
Barry: no Dev, you're huge.
by Avery Franch March 25, 2019
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A lazy retarded monkey. If you watch this man long enough you will either see him molest or be molested.
Oh no! A dev is climbing to my bedroom window.
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by weenie boi April 10, 2017
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