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WAREZ a term used by software pirates use to describe a cracked game or application that is made available over the Internet, usually via FTP/IRC/P2P, often the pirate will make use of a site with lax security. Widely used in cracker subcultures to denote cracked version of commercial software, that is versions from which copy-protection has been stripped. Hackers recognize this term but don't use it themselves. The WAREZ mentality discussed in this article connotes the mindset of the hackers/crackers who make this copyrighted media available.
by gAZI March 23, 2003
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Warez is a general word to describe all forms of pirated movies, programs, games, mp3s, ebooks and any other type of copyrighted electronic product you can download.
I have good warez sources.
I am in the warez scene.
I download warez.
by SirSagsalot January 03, 2003
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(n) Derived from either one of two sources:

software as in computer software


wares - An immaterial asset or benefit, such as a service or personal accomplishment, regarded as an article of commerce. ( typically a generic term for any number of items in a store's available merchandise )

The generic term warez (pronounced as "wares" with a z instead of s) denotes any of a number of illegal material that is distributed without the owner's consent (note; the owner of software is always the company, not the user) including but not limited to: software, games, music, eBooks, movies, emulator ROM files, etc.

note: category subdivided into such things as Gamez, Appz, Mp3z, etc
-How did you get that expensive software?
-It's warez.

I was downloading some warez the other day and I found this virus in one.. ;)
by Josh October 04, 2003
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Warez are 100% full versions of popular PC Programs which are downloaded via the internet. Although it is heavily illegal, Warez are being distibuted thru the internet thru many sources as you read this. I suggest you stop and go out there and find some right now, you'll save lots of money and have fun doing so at the same time. Like they say, It's only illegal if you get caught. ^_^
I just warezed myself a copy of Windows XP, wanna copy?
by Bizznatch June 30, 2002
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pirated software. it's technically illegal but theres so many hundreds of thousands of people downloading every second of every day that the chances of getting caught are like dropping litter on the sidewalk; we have probably all done it and as long as you aren't a blatant retard and use some common sense you'll be fine.

also, 'warez' is one word, it isn't 'WAR-ez'.
a: do you download warez?
b: yes.

fbi: oh shi-
by YOU FUCKING FURFAGS October 08, 2007
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Illegal pirating of Software, Video, Audio. all copyrighted material that has been cracked (remove Timebomb, cd-key algorith, CD Verification etc...) and then released by a group or iND (iNDEPENDANT) in such a form as
The warez release of Windows.XP.SP.2-ECHELiON was nuked for being fake in #p-r-e
by Stealth December 18, 2003
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