A gay feminist who thinks he is great but the truth he does not realize is that he is a faggot.
That Dev was seducing me yesterday
by imgae July 04, 2018
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1. Someone who’s got big gay
2.A person who has big gay
3.A person who has a trait known as Big homo
He is such a Dev
by austin_47 September 22, 2018
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Dev is commonly a name used in Indian culture. A Dev is usually mistaken for Game Dev as in Developer, but that is just a Racial Coincidence. Dev is usually a pisstaker, and it is common behaviour for them to think they are funny but most of their jokes are shit. They are also renowned for their ego, which is supposedly still smaller than their dick. Dev can also be used as the lowest form of insult to a person.
What a dickhead!
Who do you think? Dev!
Oh *feels like a stupidass*
by Meaningsmeister January 05, 2018
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websters dictionary defines it as one who engages in the activites of a low life these include: drugs excessive drinking and smoking. the common dev resides typically inland is a slacker and an underachiever, common devs participate in exclusively games centred around a round or "cylinrical" ball.
" good ya devs! "
by you-know who-i-am. September 12, 2009
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short for Devon(a meat commonly believed to be comprised of lots of animal leftovers);Disgusting
"did u see that? it was Dev"
by Sam... July 26, 2006
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Dev is a Dev alright. It's a thing with a hunch back, it's like this so that u can hang it off a branch using it's spine. You can't hear him but when you do u don't want to hear it.

Dev=mousa ^(devXdev+mousaXdev- dev) ×dev-mousaXmr Sewnarian

I think

Dev is a pretty hot guy
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