The act of putting your friends down to impress the opposite sex
by Jamalamy February 25, 2013
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Devving is the shorter term for developing.
Zyger was almost done devving his plugin
by Johnny Myers Anderson March 27, 2016
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(1) Software developers, mostly referenced to on MMORPG gaming boards.
(2) A word usually preceded by an expletive or cursing.

(1) "The devs put out a new publish and now I can't walk forwards anymore"
(2) "&$#@!% YOU DEVS!!!"
by SinMaster June 3, 2005
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Shortened version of Devastated.
NOT Devastation or Devastate. Just Devastated.
Guy 1: "I can't come to the party tonight..."
Guy 2: "Absolutely devs."
Guy 1: "I know, I can't afford it, sorry."
Guy 2: "Devs."
by DEVSMLB May 11, 2011
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God's mind. A place where humans only appear to have free will but in fact do not. A place where every human action is predetermined as if we are on "tram tracks".

From the FX miniseries Devs written by Alex Garland, "Devs" is an alternate spelling of "Deus" using the Latin "v" as "u", meaning God.
I'm telling you man, this place is Devs! Free will is only an illusion.

At first I thought everything was a coincidence or a result of random probability, but now I'm starting to think we're living in Devs.
by The Gideon Lion August 10, 2020
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Devastator, the one who annihilates everyone and destroys everything in his path
omg!!! dev is here!!! run for your lives!!1
by And December 10, 2004
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A lazy retarded monkey. If you watch this man long enough you will either see him molest or be molested.
Oh no! A dev is climbing to my bedroom window.
by weenie boi April 10, 2017
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