He uses all his oil money to expand his palace, not help the common man, what a smacktard despot!
by Elite November 23, 2003
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The worst form of government in Civilization 3. You suffer from massive amounts of corruption and waste, and any square producing more then 2 commerce, food, or shields produces one less. Research your way to Republic or Monarchy ASAP.
Despotism sucks!
by Elite December 14, 2003
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"Despotism is government by a singular authority - either a single person or tightly knit group - which rules with absolute power."
by deathtobees February 18, 2004
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That was a Despotes.
by Hairy Vag August 21, 2008
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Bunch of randoms who need idlers...
22:38 <azuma> #team-despotic
by non-random August 8, 2003
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a guy that is the weird sexual one in your friend group. he is funny hang out with but will never ever get a date because he objectifies women. he always looks like a pedo.....but isnt. he can be sweet, but it is usually just to get in your pants. if you ever meet a despot, introduce him to someone else.
" hey whos that guy "
"oh thats despot"
" should we say hi ?"
" nope, lets just speed walk away......fast"
by lolarosegreen May 26, 2019
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A large wharehouse that sells poorly made household items made in china, warped lumber, and grossly underpays its employees.
I went down to the Home Despot to buy a can a spray paint and got fucking lost.
by eugene February 8, 2004
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