New Guinea is a sovereign and independent nation (Pocket State) located in the unorganized borough of Alaska. With land claims of over 320,000 square miles, 25 square miles of which they have unobstructed jurisdiction over, the pocket state is about the same size as the US state of Montana.

New Guinea is a Pocket State, not a Micronation.
Please visit New Guinea online at newguinea-gov dot com
by Spaten October 02, 2011
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commonly known as PNG, papua new guinea is an island nation in oceania, consisting of part of the huge island of new guinea, which it shares with indonesia. once a portuguese, and later german and then australian territory, it became independent in the 1970s. it is currently the most rural country in the world, with most people outside of the capital of port mosebly either working as subsistant farmers or living in traditional tribes.
papua new guinea has over 850 different languages spoken among its indegenious tribes.
by Ben E. Hama February 01, 2007
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n. When you take a shit that is two different colors (roughly split down the middle). It looks like the map-coloring for papua new guinea. Usually caused by two different meals getting digested at separate times.
"I had pancakes for breakfast yesterday and chinese food for dinner. This morning I laid a huge poopy new guinea."
by walter ego January 04, 2010
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When a person of the male gender places his flaccid (soft, non-erect) member inside of a woman (typically), and then proceeds to urinate inside of her.
"Hey bro! Did you hear that the girls tennis team gives great dome?"
"Yeah, but can any of them take a New Guinea Gaspump?"
by Ed Denes April 03, 2008
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When spooning, a man puts his penis in between the butt cheeks or thighs of the person hes spooning, until they fall asleep.
Last night I gave my wife a New Guinea bookmark, in the morning she gave me a German Lawnmower.
by rs261 December 26, 2009
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1. A pig or sow from new guinea.
2. A person who was vaccinated prematurely.
3. A person who volunteers to be shot via a hypodermic needle with experimental drugs
Guy 1: Back in the days when measles didn't have a vaccine, my great grandfather volunteered to be experimented on for the sake of finding a cure; today, the people who are getting that covid 19 shot are the New Guinea pigs.
by Steven Stephalonavich August 24, 2021
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A nation that just doesn't fit in anywhere. You can't comfortably say it's an Asian or Oceanian country. It's a VERY underrated country. Most people see it as "That country above Australia" and that it's just a smaller version of Australia or Indonesia. Both of these impressions are TOTALLY WRONG, as PNG is not even remotely similar to Indonesia OR Australia. Most people in Papua New Guinea shorten their name to PNG because the full name is annoying to write out when using it repeatedly. Papua New Guinea is not similar to Australia OR Indonesia, as the people of PNG are of Melanesian descent. They are somewhat related to Solomon Islanders, but that's about it for similarities to neighbors. PNG is also a very rural country, and it's one of the only countries (if not the only one) in the world where the majority of the population still lives a tribal lifestyle. PNG still has tribes that inhabit the jungle as they have for thousands of years. Europeans colonized Australia and the East Indies and subjugated the natives, but PNG was spared because the terrain was just too rough for it to be worth conquering. That's why the tribes still survive today. They are very proud that they are some of the only people to maintain their tribalism. That's not to say PNG is uncivilized. Yes, the tribes live in the jungle, but they are by no means ruthless savages. PNG is a very unique and underrated country. Most people still live in their native homelands, and they are very proud of this.
Papua New Guinea may just be the world's most underrated country.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx March 10, 2021
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