When you just pick up speed and you're so excited that you fast walk home.
Don't speed walk bro it looks suspicious.
by twackburn July 04, 2017
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Same thing as the "Runs" except its most commonly used when describing a morbidly obese person's Hershey Squirts. because they can't "Run". Only Speed Walk .
Steve: "Hey fatass, didn't I warn you about getting 30 dollars worth of Taco Bell food."

Greg: "Shut up bitch, I had the speed walks all night. Totally worth it though. 10/10 would do again."

Steve: "Dumbass."
by BrownBearr November 17, 2017
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Advanced sex position, and variation of the walking 69. Fully shaved female mounts a larger male and inserts his swollen member in her mouth. Simultaneous oral sex occurs as the male begins speed walking, in which one foot must appear to be in contact with the ground at all times. A 400 metre track or paved alley are ideal locations for this epic act. Stride length is reduced and rhythm is crucial to avoid blowjob choke or skeet eye. A successful attempt is achieved with the male ejaculating in the female's mouth or hair.
With Rio de Janeiro hosting the 2016 Olympics, Dick and Jane have been seen brushing up on Brazilian speed walking throughout the neighbourhood.
by yycforme October 23, 2009
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