A city in Texas an hour east of Dallas With a school that double's the towns population.
It's quiet and boring with few things to do outside the "WALMART" and watching cuties walk to class
I'm in commerce now trying to fix my car so I can get out. Good thing there are so many females walking around
by jerm Mckay June 11, 2005
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Exchange, intercourse, exchange by purchase.
The commerce of the business went well.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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the change form of money, coins, coinage.
"i dont have much money, i only have commerce."
by tim88976 June 12, 2005
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The transacting of goods or services, or, according to the third definition provided by dictionary.com, sexual intercourse
"Most late night meetings with vulnerable and supple female interns are in the interest of commerce"
by Pedro the spicy August 30, 2005
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Being a Commece Student is not easy 💔.
A student who Choose fresh new subject after Class 10 about which they never knew.
I got more than 80% and choose Commerce,Yes we Exist 🙂
Commerce student, Science and Arts all are at equal level, So Stop fighting
by BeingCommerce November 28, 2021
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Banging Kristen from behind and using her back as a plate while eating a Mcgriddle sandwich from McDonald's.
Jules gave out a record twenty hotcakes last night at the club and capped off the night with a Commerce Special.
by Joe February 27, 2004
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