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abbrv. for BlackBox
BlackBox for Linux is mad phat, but they recently ported it to Windows so now I'm not so ashamed to run a Windows platform.
by deathtobees December 19, 2003
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(n) a graphic-user-interface originally developed by various Linux establishments but which has been recently ported to Windows.
"Dude! The new BlackBox for Windows is fucking sweet!"
by deathtobees December 19, 2003
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Necessary covering for drug dealers, hookups, potheads, and drummers. Ones without zippers are preferred, althrough a small Baretta pistol will satisfy the conundrum of what to carry with a zippered hoodie. A hoodie must be owned and worn if you own and drive any car manufactured before the year of 1977. They must be well-worn and loved, washed with extra-strong detergant only once a year, unless extreme soiling occurs. They are the most coveted piece of clothing, admired by girlfriends and ex-girlfriends alike.
I stole three hoodies from three different drummers I've dated.
by deathtobees January 28, 2004
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to join together, to acquire through ceretain channels, to obtain, to fuck.

Usually in reference to drugs, a good deal, or getting laid.
"I need to call my hook-up."
"Go call your hook-up."
"I gonna get my hook-up tonight, yo."
by deathtobees February 18, 2004
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the opposite of come; can sometimes become messy when one must not come at a particular time, and instead must go.

(Various other trifling acts and commands)
to leave, to move, to do, to act, be commanded to

went, gone, (both past tense) will go, (future tense) to go.
"Did you come?"
"No, but I went..."
by deathtobees December 19, 2003
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