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An economic system that is hierarchal, under which wealth is accumulated by those few in control of the hierarchy, though the surplus value of wealth created by people who work, in partnership with a government that subsidizes industry, while opposition is suppresed. In the United States, it is called Democracy.
Capitalism is great. I can choose from 20 diffent kinds of catsup but I can't afford to see a doctor.
by eugene February 2, 2004
Fresh pot of coffee in an architects office, dublin, ireland.
That's a lovely brew of juanica.

If you send me another fresh Juanica, i'll beat the shit out of you !
by eugene March 13, 2003
n. A political activist who has been active in the past, but in the present mostly talks about politics, drinks beer, smokes weed, and has sex with other activists.
After the strike, noose papier became a slacktivist; he needed the break.
by eugene March 3, 2004
Teamster lingo for a full time top pay-tiered UPS employee.
The brownies got taken care of in the last contract, but the casuals got jack shit.
by eugene February 2, 2004
A officer in a union, whose job it is to enforce a union contract, in addition to his regular job, with no extra pay. Viewed by the employer as a "socialist puke", by lazy co-workers as a company sellout, and by everyone else as insane.
The shop steward is a fucking communist, we should fire his ass.

I called in sick 15 times this month because I was hung over, and the shop steward didn't do shit about it when I got fired.
by eugene February 8, 2004
A trotskyist's objectification of everyone who is not a socialist and needs leadership.
We must organize the working class.
by eugene February 2, 2004
A hideous young man with a large skull who lies alot
"He is so nasty lookin, and he's a pathological liar."
"What a Chien!"
by eugene September 1, 2004