Real name, Dan Howell. A hot, llama obsessed youtube comedian who is an Internet Cult Leader. He was born in 1991 in Berkshire, England and lives in a flat/apartment with his close friend, Phil Lester (Amazingphil on youtube).
He has over 1 million subscribers on youtube and was voted 'Hottest Lad of the Year 2012' by the readers of Sugarscape web magazine.
He went to the University of Manchester in 2010, studying law, but he dropped out after a year to make youtube a profession.
Dan and Phil now are hosts on BBC Radio 1 every Sunday from 7pm - 9pm which involves music videos made by viewers, song requests, fan wars and Dan vs Phil.
Dan refers to his fans as 'Danosaurs' who as a group, are apart of the 'Llamarmy'.
Dan introduces his videos with "Hi, Internet!" while ending videos with a 'Sexy End Screen Dance' where he sways his hips in front of the camera with sexy music to match.
Dan loves the internet, llamas and Delia Smith. He loves Delia Smith so much that he and Phil have made 3 videos cooking, following her recipes:
-British pancakes
-A brownie graveyard (on Amazingphil's channel)
-Christmas cookies (Also on Amazingphil's channel)
Dan and Phil also have another youtube channel called 'TheSuperAmazingProject'. This channel includes Internet news, viewer spooky happenings and a fun, random activity.
Dan is hot, funny, amazing, energetic and my insperation. If you have no clue who i have been describing then type Danisnotonfire on youtube! :)
"I'm a Danosaur!"
"Join the Llamarmy!"
"I love Danisnotonfire!"
by charlieekinz April 20, 2013
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Danisnotonfire is a British internet cult leader that makes videos on youtube. His full name is Daniel James Howell.

Dan lives with his flatmate, Phil, who also makes videos. He occasionaly makes videos with his friends PJ, Chris, and Manesh; together they are referred to as the Fantastic Foursome.

Dan is also known to be an astounding cook and has cooked alongside Delia Smith.
I love Dan's videos!

I hope Dan uploads his video on time today..

Danisnotonfire is my favorite YouTuber.
by November 18, 2012
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Dan Howell (aka danisnotonfire) is a British YouTuber and Radio 1 presenter. He often makes videos with his best friend Phil Lester (aka AmazingPhil) The pair are basically shipped by every living organism on planet earth including myself, and also including freaking tesco! Dan makes videos which are basically about how he fails to fit into society due to his social awkwardness and failure to function as a normal human. (Which is bloody hilarious!) He lives with Phil (his best friend/boyfriend/husband) in London. I also think it is appropriate to mention that the pair of them are gorgeous, and I mean, WOW! In case you are unaware of what Dan looks like, he has brown hair (kinda emo, but no. He isn't emo, but he does have a cute fringe!), he has freaking beautiful brown eyes, the most adorable dimples, a smile that could bring world peace, and an overall face that could cure death. He started YouTube in 2009 as he was prompted by Phil, and then met Phil for the first time in really life 3 Friday's after he uploaded his first video! They lived hours away from each other until Dan moved to Manchester, and then they got a flat together! After a while in Manchester, they moved to London in 2013 and have been living there since. He has a cute obsessions including Muse, Kanye West, Llamas, Maltesers and memes. He is also quite dirty minded which can corrupt Phil's adorable innocence! His channel and subscribers have many names including Internet Support Group, Llamarmy and Danosaurs
Becky: Did you see the new danisnotonfire video??
Jessica: OMG YES! Did you see his heart eyes? I swear, he is totally married to Phil!!
by phandomcookies May 5, 2015
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Danisnotonfire aka Dan Howell is an attractive, nineteen year old Youtube vlogger from Manchester, England. Dan started making videos in October of 2009 after being a member of Youtube for three years prior. To date, Dan has over fifty thousand subscribers on Youtube. Dan's second channel, Danisnotinteresting, which has more than twenty-five thousand subscribers. Upon subscribing to Dan's channel and/or channels, he invites you to become either a Danosaur or a Dantaray. Dan is decent at posting videos, but sometimes doesn't post for quite some time.

Dan is friends with another popular vlogger, Phil Lester aka AmazingPhil. The two are seen together quite frequently and often make videos together in Phil's flat.

Dan has profiles on a variety of different sites, including Facebook and Twitter. See example for profile links. (Youtube channel) (Second channel) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Dailybooth) (Formspring) (Margarita blog) (Blog, doesn't ever use)
by Dantaray January 17, 2011
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Danisnotonfire A.K.A Dan Howell is a youtuber / vlogger that lives in England. He lives in an apartment with his best friend and youtuber AmazingPhil. Dan is an Internet Cult Leader. He has featured on Becoming Youtube
Person 1: Dont you love Danisnotonfire?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: We are Danosaurs
by smilesr4free February 10, 2013
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A full-time internet hobo
fan: What's your job?
danisnotonfire: I'm a full-time internet hobo!
by SophieLou January 21, 2013
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