The tongue is an object in one's mouth, Its slimy, wiggly and wet. Without the tongue, a person may struggle to make noises and scream. A person can survive without it, but may have trouble finding pleasure in eating things.
"Pyper! What's in your mouth?"

"Aha, its just my wet, slippery tongue Alicia."
by fudge4153654 February 14, 2019
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A muscular organ generally present inside the mouth, in some cases outside(eg. exhausted dogs, Miley Cyrus etc)
Kid: Mom, how to have tongue like Miley cyrus?
Mom: Lift 10 kg weight everyday for 30 minutes with your tongue and you'll see the result.
by NilBaby May 2, 2014
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n. The amazingly talented mass of muscle laying in the floor of the mouth.
He: Listen Hoe, while I'm out scoring, dat tongue better be the only organ in yo mouth!

She: You da man.
by D'emon November 26, 2002
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v. To entertain a body part using one's tongue.
She: How was that rim job, Massa?

He: Biatch, you done tongue ma winker like a professional plumber.
by D'emon November 26, 2002
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Does Mr Jack Daniels hit places no other man can? ............................ TONGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by fairywench1 August 7, 2010
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One who has an ultimate appreciation of cock. Also known for being found naked in public places.
by Nick February 16, 2005
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A trippy ruffian enforcer. I've seen this man in action and I now live my life in fear.
by Nick November 9, 2004
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