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A rat.

Also a beautiful creation.

Still a rat tho.
Me: Daniel Howell is a rat.

Also me: Daniel Howell is beautiful and I love him.
by Phxnchild May 07, 2017
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A British Youtuber, also known as Danisnotonfire, who happens to be an Internet Cult Leader. He also has a radio show with his best friend Philip Lester, called the Dan and Phil Show, on BBC radio 1.
"Hey, do you know Daniel Howell?"
"Yea he is known as Danisnotonfire on the internet, and he is my cult leader."
"You're in a cult?"
"An Internet one."
by danosuarphillion813 December 09, 2013
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daniel howell is a living meme with millions of supporters.
his many evolutions include...
no homo howell—> dani snot on fire —> heart eyes howell—> phil trash #1 (referring to amazingphil) —> meme lord —> (rEBraNd) daniel howell—> (and my personal favorite) 2017 dan, who is comfortable with who he is and doesn’t take any fucks.
you should totally sub to him on youtube, his content will make you laugh then cry...most of the time in a good way
“wait, you don’t know daniel howell? where have you been your whole life?”
by elassa November 26, 2017
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One salty nugget who loves the words "mate" and "erino" essentially making "materino"

He is also the biggest rat known to man and Philip Michael Lester joins him at the number 2 spot on the ladder of rats.
Daniel Howell looks like a rat today.
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by A WIZRD U DNT NO September 28, 2018
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A British YouTuber who is one of AmazingPhil's best friends. Danisnotonfire was his old YouTube name, but has been changed to Daniel Howell. He often is referred to as a rat. He makes great videos that many find entertaining and amusing. Daniel Howell is still a beautiful rat to this day.
"Have you ever watched Daniel Howell before?"
"No, but I've heard he's friends with Amazing Phil!"
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by JayIsPhilTrash#1 October 29, 2018
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A gorgeous British YouTuber often seen with his best friend Amazingphil. He is known as danisnotonfire but judging by his looks he IS on fire. Also he is meme trash king.
Me:Daniel Howell is the gorgeous

Boi in my class: ew no
Me: you don't even know him
by Amazing_ciata December 12, 2017
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