A really sweet and amazing girl who deserves the world.
Helpful and kind, she is beloved by all. Her charm makes her so loveable. She's good at art, has a good taste in music and is small.
She should start seeing herself like everyone else sees her, a beautiful human being worthy of everything good in this world. Like a star, she brings light and hope even in the darkest of times.
Person 1: "I met Delia yesterday, she's so sweet!"
Person 2: "yes, she's very kind, is she not? I love her a lot :)"
Person 1: "me too!<3"
by blueberrybro July 20, 2020
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Superior being; embodiment of perfection

i.e. God
“I wish I was Delia”
“Delia is the best”
“Delia is better than (name, I.e. Lance)”
by Definitely Not Delia December 15, 2020
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Serj: Dang!! That chick is so beautiful!
John: Yea she's Delia!
by soadamizer September 17, 2010
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Delia is a popular girl everyone likes her unless they are a bitch. She often get rude people that are jealous of her as friends but every guy wants her as a boyfriend. She is good at ice skating and all sports and she can pick thinks up really quickly. What’s not to love about a Delia. She is so kind and generous (also smart) her best sport is Vollyball as a setter ( she just doesn’t realize it). She also has a GREAT ass and legs. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and red hair. She is Canadian and Irish and everyone adores her!
1: oh my god is that Delia
1:I wish i could date her

2: she is amazing you got some competition with those other guys.
by Funny horse7363926 December 17, 2019
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Delia is the name of a girl that will sing on every call you have with her. She’s also the bestest friend you could ever ask for. She’s very sexy.
Guy 1: this bitch won’t stop singing
Guy2: her name must be Delia
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One of the hottest girls on the planet. Her love makes you want to cringe with happiness. Also likes to smoke pot and drink yaya. She will be a very successful person one day, due to her love of the word.
Man that Delia is so amazing!!!!
by Jambaman February 27, 2011
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the most unstereotypical kind of girl you can imagine; she may look totally badass/scene/goth but she surprises you with the activities or extra curriculars that she partakes in.
She's such a Delia--she's got neon green hair and listens to techno...while practicing for the chess team.
by adorkable42 August 24, 2008
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