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Best person in the world amazing at art nice,pretty good friend or girlfriend smart great at anything she does
Delia: your cool
Random guy:"blushing" so are u
by Mr.salazar May 20, 2017
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A name of a girl that I love oh so very much, she is also smart, successful in life ! and rich.
Delia is also very pretty!
by Hhnahttttttttttttttttttttttttt December 30, 2008
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sweet, easygoing girl. the one everyone loves. she would most likely be famous and make history. she doenst take no for an answer and has BIG dreams. when people complement her she wont belive it, she usually thinks shes ugly which is SO NOT TRUE. she stares alot... Delia makes everyone wish they were a better person. she is a true romantic. she loves love stories. delia has probably kissed 4781932413794547 people. she loves fun stuff and she gives all of her time to a very lucky boyfriend of hers. if she was your girlfriend she would make you faint everytime you were around her, she would kiss you all the time, she would make you feel special in everyway she can. also..delia is an AMAZING singer. you'd be the LUCKIEST person ever if she was your gf. she loves sports and has a beautiful body. sadly tho.....she wont get married (most likely) delia is sure to have a very amazing life.
boyfriend: yo goin out wih delia.
friend: WTF! you faggggggg! damn your lucky!
boyfriend: i know :)
friend: *thinks* i want to kill you bruh.
by gennnnley August 15, 2010
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One of the hottest girls on the planet. Her love makes you want to cringe with happiness. Also likes to smoke pot and drink yaya. She will be a very successful person one day, due to her love of the word.
Man that Delia is so amazing!!!!
by Jambaman February 27, 2011
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the most unstereotypical kind of girl you can imagine; she may look totally badass/scene/goth but she surprises you with the activities or extra curriculars that she partakes in.
She's such a Delia--she's got neon green hair and listens to techno...while practicing for the chess team.
by adorkable42 August 24, 2008
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