' Danosaur ' is a term for British youtuber Daniel Howell commonly known as Dan or danisnotonfire's subscribers. Dan's subscribers can also be identifyed as the ' Llama Army ' but he says " I prefer the term danosaur, because army implies i'm going to make you do stuff "
Person 1: Do you like danisnotonfire?
Person 2: Yeah! I'm a danosaur.
by ❥p h i l l e s t e r April 18, 2013
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A person who watches, and enjoys the youtuber, danisnotonfire. A young british fellow who is quite hilarious and not too hard on the eyes.
Annie: Oh my God, danisnotonfire uploaded a new video!
Allie: Really?! Let's go watch it!!!
Annie: Yes, let's. We are SUCH Danosaurs!
Allie: Agreed!
by luuuuuuuucy. November 6, 2010
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When anime niggas try to take over your instagram
Why are these flexing niggas on my feed?
They danosauring nigga
by BlackBullCentral November 12, 2018
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