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A "weekly" documentary by Benjamin Cook about Youtubers and stuff like that. Becoming Youtube Stars many Youtubers such as OMFGitsJackAndDean, Danisnotonfire, TomSka, AmazingPhil, itswaypastmybedtime A.K.A Carrie Hope Fletcher and crabsticks.
Benjamin Cook stated that he just wanted to be "CRAZY INTERNET FAMOUS" on Becoming Youtube
by smilesr4free February 10, 2013
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A guy that wanted to be Crazy Internet Famous on youtube. He does "weekly" Documentaries about Youtube called Becoming Youtube. Ben is a guy that got everyone to draw him on Twitter. He has firetruck red hair.
Benjamin Cook's "weekly" Becoming Youtube documentaries are AWESOME!
by smilesr4free February 10, 2013
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Danisnotonfire A.K.A Dan Howell is a youtuber / vlogger that lives in England. He lives in an apartment with his best friend and youtuber AmazingPhil. Dan is an Internet Cult Leader. He has featured on Becoming Youtube
Person 1: Dont you love Danisnotonfire?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 1: We are Danosaurs
by smilesr4free February 10, 2013
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A guess and an estimation!
Person 1: What was ur guesimation for question 10?
Person 2: 18. Y?
Person 1: Cos
by smilesr4free August 22, 2012
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Silly snail snorting in the soil (say it really fast 5 times and soil becomes snoil)
Person 1: OMG I am getting aquarium snoils tommorow!
Person 2: really? I want one.
Person3: WTF are snoils?
by smilesr4free August 24, 2012
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