The best radio station in the world, but only from 7:00pm through to 7:00am, where you get new music from literally all genres except country and classical.
If I hear one more link on daytime Radio 1 where the DJ justs reads out text messages from listeners, I'm going to physically assault someone.
by Christopher Arnold July 28, 2007
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A radio station that has given into middle of the road, unchallenging music. It has a wide audience so has earned the status of "Broadcasting Whore".
"Good morning, i'm Chris Moyles, and we'r going to play the same songs that we played're listening to Radio fade)"
by Han. April 30, 2005
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You're listening to Radio 1. Up next, something a lot of 10-year-old girls bought last week...
by Greg K Nicholson August 31, 2004
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