Amazing Phil is a 31 year old youtuber he is 6'3 and his birthday is January 30th, he makes kid friendly content and is apart of a comedy duo, he has his main channel and his side channel where all of live streams go and his gaming channel where he and his best friend (or lover who really knows) Daniel Howell or Danisnotonfire post funny pg-14 content playing games like the sims and horror! so go check him out!~
"wow! AmazingPhil has been a youtuber sense 2006!"
by Astrid Fox February 28, 2018
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A funny, adorable British youtube vlogger known for his videos on embarrassing encounters, childhood tales and colabs with fellow youtuber, best friend (or maybe more ;3) and flatmate, Danisnotonfire.

He has stunning blue eyes, fabulous hair and the most beautiful personality imaginable. He never falters to cheer up his subscribers, also known as "Phans" (Dan+Phil= Phan ) because most of their audience is shared). He also hosts a Radio 1 show with Dan every month on the first monday, and a liveshow on YouNow every sunday at 7:00pm, gmt.

P.S. this definition doesn't give Phil's beauty justice...he's truly amazing.
I think I'm in love with AmazingPhil...
by dilnipples July 14, 2015
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Amazingphil is a British YouTuber who makes video on YouTube, a fast talking mate with a British accent. He is known for his funny videos and his dual videos with Danisnotonfire. Phil Lester AKA AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire or Danisnotinteresting AKA Dan Howell and friends who met over the Internet and who make dual videos in Phil's flat.
Phil- "What? You want to.. give them to me?"
Dan- *winks*


Phil- "You do."

*****Actual quotes for Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil*****
by jinglehellium April 10, 2011
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The person who gave the definition about AmazingPhil
before me said that Phil is an "'angle' bean, LIES!
What even is an angle bean?? Please don't trust that person.

No I'm just kidding, I just love the phandom so much, thanks for not taking comedy seriously lmao I
agree that Phil is such an angel bean (Dan's an angel meme)
and he has the most beautiful striking blue eyes ever in existence
also his friend isn't on fire. :-)
In AmazingPhil there's "ama"
Ama means Dad in Filipino language
Phil is a dad
Phil is everyone's dad except I'm his mum
and he's my son.

ooooh wait? you already saw something like this
on twitter? yes I tweeted that, yes I'm from twitter,
hello there lol

This is clearly a joke but in case this needs explanation, I'm very sorry if this is any offensive or something racist because I mentioned "Filipino language", I'm actually also
a Filipino, but I'm sincerely sorry if this would ever offend anyone.
by blankprncssonflames August 18, 2016
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Everyone's son, angle bean, sonny Jim,often shipped with a meme, beautiful
by Thenerdherdandoursonkarl August 17, 2016
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Phil lester
a lovely guy who is always helpful and funny
He also added me to his circles on google+
thats right fangirls
be jelly
has the most bluest eyes ever.
i love him.
by amazingpoppyisnotonfire May 31, 2014
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