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Real name, Dan Howell. A hot, llama obsessed youtube comedian who is an Internet Cult Leader. He was born in 1991 in Berkshire, England and lives in a flat/apartment with his close friend, Phil Lester (Amazingphil on youtube).
He has over 1 million subscribers on youtube and was voted 'Hottest Lad of the Year 2012' by the readers of Sugarscape web magazine.
He went to the University of Manchester in 2010, studying law, but he dropped out after a year to make youtube a profession.
Dan and Phil now are hosts on BBC Radio 1 every Sunday from 7pm - 9pm which involves music videos made by viewers, song requests, fan wars and Dan vs Phil.
Dan refers to his fans as 'Danosaurs' who as a group, are apart of the 'Llamarmy'.
Dan introduces his videos with "Hi, Internet!" while ending videos with a 'Sexy End Screen Dance' where he sways his hips in front of the camera with sexy music to match.
Dan loves the internet, llamas and Delia Smith. He loves Delia Smith so much that he and Phil have made 3 videos cooking, following her recipes:
-British pancakes
-A brownie graveyard (on Amazingphil's channel)
-Christmas cookies (Also on Amazingphil's channel)
Dan and Phil also have another youtube channel called 'TheSuperAmazingProject'. This channel includes Internet news, viewer spooky happenings and a fun, random activity.
Dan is hot, funny, amazing, energetic and my insperation. If you have no clue who i have been describing then type Danisnotonfire on youtube! :)
"I'm a Danosaur!"
"Join the Llamarmy!"
"I love Danisnotonfire!"
by charlieekinz April 20, 2013
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