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The dactyl is a fierce sexual move where 1 girl services 8 to 9 guys using hands, feet, tits, mouth x 2, vagina, ass, and anywhere else one will fit.
That chick dactyled with the entire fraternity last night.
by Dactyler698 April 16, 2009
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a verb referring to the act of attacking someone, much in the same way a prehistoric pterodactyl would. It also can mean simply pwning someone or something.
Dude! You just got dactyled!
You must have been hungry, you just dactyled that pizza!
by thommychoo December 11, 2008
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Dactyl (Dak-til) :A female of loose standards, named after the appearance that they have while Taking on multiple partners. A Pterodactyl like wing action with their male partners personal members.
That chick is a Dactyl.
by dmbpoetic November 30, 2011
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Dactyl refers to taking a dump in a location other than one's own home, requiring them to "build a nest" for optimal comfort and hygeine. Historically, the pterodactyls would build massive nests being the largest birds to have existed.
"I feel trouble brewing...I really have to Dactyl!"
by jjv3b7 January 17, 2010
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A guy-code name for a hot ass chick. Short for the word "Babadactyl" (babe-uh-dactyl) which comes from the word Terradactyl. It's the same concept as "Baberham Lincoln" from Wayne's World. Used to let a friend know you think a girl is hot without letting the girl know.
Tom, Mike, and Rachel are eating lunch in the cafeteria. Rachel stands up and bends over to pick something up, exposing her pink lace thong. The boys proceed to watch her as she turns, smiles and sits back down. The boys devilishly grin at each other.
Tom says, "Dactyl", and Mike nods his head in agreement.
Rachel replies, "Whats a Dactyl?"
by Kool Moe B December 14, 2010
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a universal word that can mean everything and anything, even nothing. It's origins come from a drink made by mixing ginger ale and a fruit juice that comes in a 2 gallon container with a picture of a tera-dactyl on the label.
when the canoe went in the bucket it was truely the most dactylest thing i saw all day.
wow, that was dactyl.
dactyl dactyl dactyl?
by nice hair, nice car July 07, 2003
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