A method of smoking hashish. Performed by breaking or 'bodding' the hash into little bits of hash or 'bods' and picking up these bods with a cigarette. Then the cigarette with the burning bod on it is inserted usually into an empty water bottle through a hole made on the side near the bottom by the lighter. The cigarette is left in the bottle until the bod on the cigarette stops streaming smoke and turnes burning orange. The cap is then unscrewed, a bit of smoke is let out(usually 1-2 seconds), because the smoke at the top will be 99% cigarette smoke, and the rest of the smoke is quickly inhaled and held in for a personally prefered amount of time.
"Yo, lets brew tonite"
"I dont think i can ever quit brewing"
by Brew Crew December 21, 2004
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The gurgling noise, cramps, and gas that are the precursors to an attack of explosive diarrhea.
What was that noise? And what the hell is that smell?
Frank is brewing.
by K5 August 27, 2006
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The time before you have to go to the bathroom, to relieve your bowels. When you can feel the onset of a good crap comming.
Hey man, I need to get to a bathroom soon, because I am brewing something fierce.
by Chips August 11, 2004
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When one has an STD and has not known about it for some time.
Look at that dirty skank, has she got chlamydia?
Yeah, fuck knows how long she's been brewing.
by Skank45y45y December 3, 2010
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To consume alcoholic beverages (typically beer) until reaching the point of inebriation.
Sam: Hey John, do you wanna go get brewed tonight?
John: Aww hell yeah, let's call Jor and get black out style
by The Outlaw Joe Z Wales October 20, 2007
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n. Beer, only like more than one beer, and said with panache by coolers and skaters and college boys.

Open some brewes! It's gonna be a long skate to hell!
by gnostic 1 February 24, 2013
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