I dont know why all of you on her are nasty, but a pterodactyl is a dinosaur.
by mrs.curtis April 17, 2015
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In a bathroom stall, one grabs the tops of the walls and places one foot over each wall. One then proceeds to defecate from approximately 5 feet above the toilet, while mimicking the cry of a Pterodactyl.
I didn't want to touch that toilet seat, so I decided to Pterodactyl it instead.
by TurtlesofThought April 16, 2009
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A sexual position inspired by the prehistoric creature involving a girl and five guys. The girl is laying face up on one man while he penetrates her anally, a second is standing penetrating her vaginally. The girl is using both her hands to give handjobs to the two guys on each side of her. The final man stands at the girl's head and penetrates her orally. The girls vocalizations are obscured by the cock, resulting in her sounding not unlike a dinosaur, and with her body position akin to that of a large bird like creature, the name of the act is easily understood.
Fred : Dude, what were all those dinosaur noises coming from your room last night?

Colin : Me, Alex, Austin, Robbie, and Andy totally got Pterodactyled by this beezie last night
by Jake Valence October 10, 2008
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The name everyone calls flying reptiles for some reason.
All pterodactyls are pterosaurs.
Not all pterosaurs are pterodactyls.
No pterosaurs are flying dinosaurs.
A: Wow, what an awesome pterodactyl!
B: Dude, that is a pteranodon.
A: No, it's a pterodactyl! My favorite dinosaur!
B: *facepalms*
by lolololmfaooyyboi August 2, 2018
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The largest brick of cocaine. Five kilograms or larger. A one kilo brick is known as a bird, therefore a large brick is a large bird.
"Sack him, hit a lick and cop a pterodactyl" - Offset
by RealJables July 9, 2018
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When the female in a foursome spiritedly preforms fellatio on one male subject while simultaneously administering handjobs to the remaining two in a erratic flapping motion, and thus assumes the position of a pterodactyl mid flight.
Jane took on a trisectomy of splooge to the face after preforming "the pterodactyl"
by j.p dila July 29, 2009
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A highly attractive woman that's banging. Just like the Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who owned a pterodactyl and was motherfuckin hot.
"Hey Ronald, look at that fine-ass pterodactyl over there!"

"Yo Kevin, holla at that hot-ass pterodactyl! She'll spread her wings for you."

"Alex, you can't handle that pterodactyl, she's too much you."
by ronzpeed December 14, 2009
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