The time when Dinosaurs roamed, the Age of the Reptiles.
"Isn't that dinosaur skeleton from prehistoric times?"
by TIGGY :) December 8, 2013
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a slang term used to describe an obvious lesbian. She is described as prehistoric because she is a direct descendant of a "Lick-alotta-puss". Lipstick lesbians are not prehistoric because they are not easily picked out as a dyke
Dude, look at that dyke playing 3'rd base with the short ass hair, she dives for every ball like she's diving for muff. She's prehistoric.
by Johnny Striker July 11, 2008
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head, bj all oral sex to the dick
the GD way of sayin head

R u gettin that prehistoic?
Im gettin that brontosaurus!!
by GD einstein March 30, 2006
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a style and way of being that seemlessly meshes the clothing and attitude of a video game geek and an unhappy suburbanite. Catagorized by Chuck Taylors, sweater vests and wacktastical hair. Also occasionally a member of the awesome mode of style. Often closely related to post-cyber hipster attitude and dress.
That Dan kid is so prehistoric emo.
by Brekke February 29, 2008
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A 5 part documentary series focusing on the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) age and the creatures that lived during that period. The 5 episodes are Coasts, Deserts, Freshwater, Ice Worlds and Forests. This series is in the style of Plane Earth and Blue Planet and is even narrated by David Attenborough. It features animals like tyrannosaurids, sauropods, hadrosaurids, ceratopsians, pterosaurs, mosasaurs and many more wonderful prehistoric animals. Music composed by Hans Zimmer and is praised for its gorgeous CGI, even giving movies a run for its money, and its scientifically up-to-date models of said creatures.
“You wanna watch Jurassic World Dominion or Prehistoric Planet?”
“Prehistoric Planet, heard it’s a good documentary
by writer Dino August 13, 2022
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To yell out window of building or moving vehicle as a form of communicating.
John had to go prehistoric when he yelled put of his car window,,,Hey moron move over!
by Vito cognito August 15, 2009
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