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A box most commonly hand made in which a Gaelic poet places small slips of paper that describe the perfection and beauty of Pi. Also commonly called in some areas as an “Awesome box”.
Once I found the perfection of an equation so I placed a Pi- etic entry in a “Pi box”.
by dmbpoetic November 29, 2011

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A poem wrote by a skilled Gaelic poet that describes the equation of Pi.
I see the transcendental equation, my perfect Pi-etic formula of perfections perception, let me clear the cathartic confetti off my mind, with a little graffiti painted with rhyme, I found within a pure souls schemes, beating at a constant 3.14, life back into my bloodstream, why was such an elegant absolute such as this given to humanity? Perhaps society needed a flawless form to awake from hates mass-memories. Reading a symbol as I laid wide asleep I feel awake, one thing better another numbered sweet flesh, gift of her eternal breath.
by dmbpoetic November 28, 2011

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To be overly enthusiastic about Pi to a point where one without even thinking blurts out “Pi !!” in everyday circumstances.
I find myself being Pi-thusiastic to such a degree that throughout the day I just yell out “Pi !!!!!”.
by dmbpoetic November 27, 2011

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Dactyl (Dak-til) :A female of loose standards, named after the appearance that they have while Taking on multiple partners. A Pterodactyl like wing action with their male partners personal members.
That chick is a Dactyl.
by dmbpoetic November 30, 2011

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One that is finds no pleasure in life or sexual experiences although finds complete bliss in the perfection of the equation Pi to such an extreme degree that they feel as if the meaning of life it’s self was meant to solely worship Pi.
I didn’t understand nor enjoy life till I found the flawlessness of being a Pi-sexual.
by dmbpoetic November 19, 2011

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To work on a computer or phone
I spent all day at work click clacking.
by dmbpoetic November 30, 2011

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