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In the purely Jamaican dialect, the term, DWL, stands for "Dead Wid Laugh" roughly translated as "Dying with Laughter" or more approriately "Dying as a result of excessive laughing".
"DWL!!, yo, dat funny"
by icuucme November 30, 2006
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driving while licked is potentially dangerous, more and more as THE moment approaches
officer: you were driving recklessly. have you been drinking
guy: no, officer, I was DWL
officer: oh, then I will give you a warning this time. that's not a behind the wheel activity
by kmfrayed February 17, 2012
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adj. action- Dying With Laughter

expression of happiness

can be used as a substitute for lol or rofl
1.'did you see that?' 'yeah, dwl!'
by nunya bidness August 22, 2004
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Can mean dying with laughter.
john: when i was at the bar and this drunk guy said to the other guy 'you talk too mucking fuch!!!

Jim: DWL!!!! he must be really drunk
by rahman3000 July 30, 2009
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Pronounced: Dwilis. Refers to driving without a valid driver's license. All caps because its an acronym for Driving While License Suspended.
He got a DWLS cause his license was suspended for a DUI.
by DWLSgurl July 07, 2012
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"Dead Weight Loss," a term used by economists to refer to losses incurred as a result of taxation, subsidies or other distortions to markets that would otherwise clear or be closer to clearing.
The tax meant a DWL to consumers of soda.
by cobelisk October 08, 2010
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