Generally used to ask people to visit you (drop by at your house, your office, etc.)
-Why don't you come on over to my house at 5:00?
-Sure, I'll come. You want me to grab something to drink?
by stanislavr March 13, 2016
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As in now. Don't wait. Hurry up and wait? No. Cum over and over and over. However many times that you can. Forever and ever, amen. Shit. Damn. Fuck me. Now. Do I need to explain these two beautiful words any further? I don't think it is possible to elaborate anymore. Well, you can always try! Submit another definition.
Where and when and how and what do you want me to come over? Here? There? Any and everywhere. As long as it is with you. Then, maybe we could start dating. I need you to prove yourself worthy of significant other in my life.
by Femalesheep June 15, 2014
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Phrase used by many prostitutes/sex workers as an encouraging and motivating cheer to their current at-the-moment clientele in the hopes that the customer will hurry up and come so that their sex act can be finished and brought to a close.
Rolling her eyes as she wished she could be somewhere else besides where she was, Betsy got a hold on her urge to laugh, and with the most serious and ecstatic voice she could produce told David, "Ohhh yes, baby. I am fixing to come so hard I'm going to come all over your cock". Grinning big and proud of herself for not laughing, Betsy could hear David begin his vocalization of him coming inside her. 'Next' thought Betsy as she accidentally farted while David was still inside her.
by Nikki Stixx August 3, 2020
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How Uni boys text and call girls to have sex with them
Abu : Babe Come over , it's raining
Babe : k omw
by Alade November 16, 2021
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Using a comb to part hair over a balding area of the head; trying to hide what everyone knows is there.
by jacki May 31, 2004
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