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An all around awesome guy. Josh(s) are typically quiet at first but once you get to know him you'll find he has a great personality and a great sense of humor. Once you find a Josh you'll love him forever. Josh(s) are also total savages at comebacks and roasts.
"Dude, who was that guy that said that awesome comeback?"
"Probably Josh."
by That.Savage.Guy August 09, 2016
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He is a fun loving guy really funny and can make anyone laugh.He is very quiet at first and seems shy but when you get to know him you will fall in love.He has very good style and always looks handsome.He also always smells really good :)
Whos your good looking boyfriend?Oh,that sud muffin?That would be Josh
by newyorkgurl3 March 25, 2009
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An unknown creature that takes a humanoid form, this creature has similar properties of what one would apply to "Batman" in the fact that it usually wears black, fights crime and has an incredible voice. Some people even think that it may be Death himself. This creature usually dwells on the planet earth and only one can be alive at one time. These creatures are not only bad ass heroes, but they can also use immense powers of unimaginable destruction and can even go as far as to control the space-time continuum, letting them skip across worlds and dimensions with ease. This creature, sighted only once and recorded many times throughout history called itself by one thing. Josh.
In a collapsed tomb in ancient Egypt, the hieroglyphs on the wall once told of a being of darkness bringing an evil emperors rule to an end.

After world war II a journal was recovered and instantly hidden by the CIA as inside was recordings of people being saved by the "dark angel, Josh"
by PitchBlack March 19, 2013
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He is an amazing, loyal, hot, caring, and loving friend. No one can compare to Josh. He will make you feel great. He's funny and he always knows how to make you laugh when you're feeling down. He's special and irreplaceable. The world has nothing to compare with this life changing human being. When you start to know him. . . you will immediately fall head over heels in love with him. Some people may think different of him but they must obviously be blind to not see the perfection of this incredible person you call Josh. He teaches people to love. The reason for that is because you will automatically fall in love with him and there's no way of falling out. He is truly inspiring. He would be the person in your life worth dying for. A star in the sky cannot compare to thee nor the moon because he is brighter than the sun in which helps us see and brighten our days. Prepare yourself to be amazed if you have not already because when you meet josh... your life will have more purpose than it ever had before. Josh is mindblowing so prepare for the incredible wind.
When I met Josh I had become so in love. Josh is so bright he will practically blind your eyes. Don't take him for grantite. You will be a wreck without him.
by marshmallows5000 February 20, 2011
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The most incredible guy in the universe. He loves and cares for everyone in his path even if they've been a jerk. Calls his girlfriend his future wife and always respects her life choices. He's easy to fall for and impossible to ignore. I love you, Josh <3
Hey did you see Josh post on facebook about his girlfriend being his future wife? That's adorable.
by daredevilgirl June 09, 2015
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Josh is a natural ladies man. He listens well and laughs deeply. At ease with himself; he inspires ease in others. Witty yet sarcastic. Likeable.
I dated a frank but settled with a Josh.

I hated men until I met Josh.

I couldn't figure it out so I asked Josh.
by 3jvj February 04, 2010
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