a fancy way of saying extortion or getting something using force or threat.
Government: Taxation is the law, so give us money or be thrown in a cage.
by Truth Tree December 12, 2019
Every April you get on all fours to receive Federal taxation. In most places, the State or Province will join in to double-team you.
by BionicOJ October 4, 2011
Theft, but preformed by a government to make it seem more legitimate.
The government has increased Taxation to give stimulus checks to large corporations.
by LibertarianDefinitionMaker3000 December 18, 2020
The costs required to leave places (cities, towns, neighborhoods) that have become overrun with diversity, specifically occupied by primitive undesirables who migrate to the next closest white spaces on the decline. This forces whites to leave for other areas not easily afforded by undesirables and to reestablish safe communities that have order, structure and social cohesion.
Linda was dissatisfied with the decline of cleanliness and safety in her long time place of residence and was forced with making the decision to leave her home and all she knew to start a new in the nicer town 20 miles out. This wasn't cheap, this new place Linda relocated to was expensive, however, thankfully no undesirables would be able to afford this Nigger Taxation Linda paid to be around safe whites.
by especially cared for August 15, 2019
Having hard-core sex until the girl is "taxed".
I'm poundin that ass for taxation tonight. She isn't gonna be able to walk straight for weeks.
by Drics April 15, 2010