Nero, one of the main protagonists of the Devil May Cry franchise.
"Nero go! You're just dead weight!" -Dante
by Devan Fargille March 27, 2019
A person that is usually useless in any sort of participation or action that will affect the action at hand or make worse.
Joe was a dead weight, he never helped and just breaks anything he touches!
by ChrisOToooooons March 20, 2021
A relationship that has gotten way too heavy, typically with one person being the cause for unfathomable drama.
What an asshole! She's better off though, at least she's done with the dead weight.
by Woe is me. August 6, 2010
A person on your team who just exists, and doesn't contribute anything to the game. They essentially give the other team a handicap and you have to tryhard the game to carry them. Then they claim they did so much to help the team when they went 0-100
Anthony is such dead weight in League of Legends, he's been in gold for 7 years!
by LingLingOfChina May 13, 2018
Weight thats not alive. Usually laying on someone with all your weight, then making them give you the definition of dead weight...while being startle by the question they hesitate so you ask again and again, louder and louder.
After baseball practice the shortstop and 3rd baseman jumped on me with quite force and were yelling at me "WHAT IS DEAD WEIGHT", i did not know what to say so they layed on me i think they are gay.
by best ss ever yes cw the best November 9, 2009
The lack of spirit. The sole hase left the body. Heavier than usual. Unusual weight that occurs with loss of life.

Unusual weight gain when one is in a choma or relaxed.
My legs was lighter before I became crippled. Now they are just dead weight.
by Swift. C May 2, 2016
A person who just takes up space and has nothing to really offer any of his or her peers. Someone who is just not a team player and may even be considered a brick wall to some.
Eric is just dead weight. He brings nothing to the table in our friendship
by bum rodgers April 13, 2014