a) a sign or signal designed to instill caution in its recipient

b) an amazing album by the oh-so-talented band green day. second only to their most recent album, american idiot.
a) warning: smoking during pregnancy may result in birth defects

b) i don't understand why the "emotional depth" and "pure talent" displayed in american idiot surprised everyone so much, because warning, their previous album, rocked and was definitely a sign of greater things to come.
by a TRUE green day fan November 26, 2004
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an awesome green day song that has a catchy beat; the premise of the song is simple- society is living in fear and worry, and not living their lives with any excitement
This is a public service announcement, This is only a test,
Emergency evacuation protest,
May impair your ability to operate machinery,
Cant quite tell just what it means to me,
Keep out of reach of children,
Don't you talk to strangers,
Get your philosophy from a bumper sticker,
Warning, live without warning
I said warning live, without warning
by GreenDayIsTheBest April 17, 2004
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An awesome hard rock girl band from Monterey Mexico. The first thing they did was cover enter sandman they might not be completely metal but they do have some pretty heavy stuff and did a lot of Metallica covers. Kirk Hammett said the drummer kicks maximum ass in a tweet . if you haven’t heard them check them out the drummer is amazing and she is really cute. My favorites are copper bullets and there kickstart my heart cover. they toured with Alice cooper Aerosmith and other bands
The warning is an amazing modern rock band it is sad that so many people haven’t heard of them
by X17a October 27, 2017
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"wow, that dude straight up pulled a warnes. sick. Exodus rules!"
by kawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss August 26, 2008
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a gay, useless 'check' on AIM that is abused way to fucking much
If you warn me again, I'll kick your ass!
by victim June 8, 2004
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A sign that says "WARNING: ice ahead." Means there is probably not ice ahead, and you shouldn't worry about it.
by Lania Blake June 27, 2010
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One who enjoys squeezing his nuts tight with a tourniquet.
by Anonymous April 9, 2003
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