To insult someone harshly and consistently, synonymous with roasting
"Shut up Timmy, you fat, ogre lookin, nerd"
"Damn Ryan, easy with the propane, you're straight grilling him"
by bigdickswinger January 31, 2017
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To continuously stare at someone, giving an impression of disliking.
That girl is grilling at us, let's grill her back.
by msyu February 8, 2004
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The act of kicking someone up the arse from behind whilst they are bent over (for example while tending the grill) and catching the genital area with the tip of ones shoe/boot.
Bob had severely pissed off Penelope the night before by surprising her with a hot Karl, so in the morning when he bent over to pick up his underpants she decided to administer a grilling that would knock his knackers into next week.
by juicystargirl August 3, 2006
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An extremely strong, alcoholic drink.
Dude, that whiskey sour is grilling
by way2anon4this September 6, 2011
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University slag, when a lecturer goes down on a female student.
"Dr Barrett gave Liz a good grilling"
by TheDarkFox July 20, 2012
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