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1. A combination of keys used before a login screen is presented on Windows NT/2000/XP. This is used because it is the only combination that cannot be sent over a network. It is also used to bring up the task manager and, when pressed twice will reset the computer. For this reason it is sometimes called the 'Three-Finger-Salute'.

2. A comic strip written by Tim Buckley relating to computer and console gaming. It can be found at
1. d00d! j00 wa5 pwning at CS and j00r b0x0r cr@5h3d! j00 had to use Ctrl-Alt-Del!

2. Did you see the latest Ctrl-Alt-Del comic strip? It was just up a couple of hours ago.
by Batiu-Drami January 31, 2005
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Often referred to as the Three Fingered Salute used on all windows systems. Originally designed for developers as a kind of Easter Egg to reboot the machine quickly whenever it hung up during development.

Quoted from the original designer:

Somewhat of a cultural icon.. (And even a web comic)

Made famous by Bill Gates' crappy software.

by TerabyteUK February 14, 2006
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A shitty comic filled with pointless vidya game references and way too much dialogue. Most of the art is copy-pasted from previous strips. It would be a lot funnier if the writer/artist didn't explain the goddamn PUNCHLINE on the fourth panel.
To summarize Ctrl-Alt-Del bluntly: TOO MANY FUCKING WORDS.
by DocHammer November 02, 2008
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1. Restart
2. Change of plans
3. Forget it
1. You have a big fight with a friend: "Let's CtrlAltDel!" (for a fresh start)
2. "Let's go bowling, actually CtrlAltDel, let's go to the movies"
3. CtrlAltDel it!
by OL30 March 05, 2010
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A webcomic centered about an insane video game player named Ethan Macmanus. Most of the comic is generally centered around Ethan, but it also has a host of other characters including his best friend Lucas Davidowicz and his fiancee, Lilah Monroe.

They also have a mysterious roommate named Scott, his pet penguin named Ted, and a robot made from an Xbox named Ezekiel (Zeke for short).

The comic has a rapidly growing community, and its rise to fame has not gone un-noticed by even people who don't play video games.
In Ctrl Alt Del, Ethan approches Lilah with a pile of wrapped presents, only they've been wrapped with just one.

Ethan - Bask in my neverending genius!
Lilah - Holy crap! Who's this gigantic present for?
Ethan - Everyone! Instead of wrapping each present one by one, and wasting valuable gaming time, I wrapped everyone's presents together! Brilliant!
Lilah - But how will people know who gets which present?
Ethan - While, they'll simply... they'll... oh... hmm... I guess I should've made an instruction book. Or at least a helpful diagram...
Lilah - I'm sure in your head the logic was flawless, Sweetie.
by Private Zulen September 28, 2006
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