1. to be absolutely furious

2. to be sexually excited

2. to be overly excited about anything
Why is it that you always foam at the mouth when you see that cheerleader?
by The Return of Light joker March 1, 2011
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Foam at the mouth is a common term used to describe cowards such as xbox 360 customer support. You call and expect to speak to a human but it usually ends up being a slumdog millionaire from Indonesguatamalzimbabwe. Oh and you never get anything resolved ever.
Justin- "Hey can I get my xbox fixed??"

Coward Xbox Support guy- "NO!!! Bahlalalahalah I foam at the mouth all the time gar pah!"
by Gar Pah Ott March 6, 2009
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2.spit bubbles that appear foam-like, as in one has rabies

1.Baby you got me foaming at the mouth with that rockin body.

2.The rabid dog was foaming at the mouth.

3.I was foaming at the mouth for some rocks.
by Laura January 23, 2005
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wanting something really bad
unironically one of the best feelings in the world
Person 1: I wanna get good at fencing. I'm gonna start lifting every day from 6-7AM, practice every night from 6-9PM, go to every competition in the region, eat 4 meals a day, take shots of protein powder, juice up on creatine . . . *unintelligible rambling*
Person 2: Do you want a napkin?
Person 1: Why would I need a napkin?
Person 2: Cuz u are visibly foaming at the mouth
by Radiotrophic Gint October 18, 2023
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anal sex so good that when the person recieving, orgasms they foam at the mouth like there havin a seizure.
-dude did u get the job?
-what did you do fuck that guy in the ass?
+ till he was foaming at the mouth.
by cb nasty November 25, 2007
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