1337 version of your or you're
by SuperSonicX September 16, 2005
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Your or You're
all j00r base
j00r gay mang!
by AJ X. June 5, 2003
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A "1337" term used to describe "your" or "you are". Used commonly on online games or on other online services.
Bob: "Haha I haxz0rded j00r mom"
Greg: "Real funny... j00r the one thats house is burning down right now!"
Bob: "Omfg j00r a fucking jew"
Greg: "Hahah!"
by I r sexy December 17, 2004
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Dude 1: j00r dumb.
Dude 2: j00r st00pid.
Dude 3: You're all morons.
Me: Wow, Dude 3, I should keep you.
by DoomBringer316 February 11, 2004
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Its 'teh' leet way to say You.
It may seem that 'l33t's like to fakk around with words, and in my belief, Y is a very capable letter to change (just like F)
ph00 j00 t00!
j00r such a ph00kking w4nker!
4ll j00r b4s3 ar3 belong t00 |_|5!!!1one
by phur riil September 1, 2003
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bastard woman from hell in a toilet seawtcvgf tnuymr
by ya mumnation October 27, 2003
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leeet (1337) speak. usually thought of as "rocks your boxers" but in fact b0x0rz means box, as in computer. So,
r0x0rz = rocks
j00r = your
b0x0rz = computer
positive comment, used to show excitement. Can also be used as 'r0x0rz my b0x0rz'
1337: i just pwned teh nooblars
h4x0r: that r0x0rz my b0x0rz
1337: rofls!!!111111eleventyone
by [d-_-b] August 23, 2005
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