Technically means to sodomize, but most people use the word in a variety of situations, often without realizing the true meaning.

It is often considered these days to be more acceptable that the word 'fuck' (as long as you are not in the presence of anyone old enough to remember the actual meaning).
BUGGER! (when something goes wrong.)

Bugger-me! ('Well I'll be damned..')

Bugger THAT! (When you can't be bothered doing something.)

That bugger stole my Holden! (used to refer to a person in a derogatory manner.)

I decided to let the bugger enjoy it. (used in reference to a friend or someone you feel sorry for.)

I must've buggered that question.. (messed up)

Bugger-off! ('Get lost!')
by LGD May 19, 2004
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(verb) The uninvited, unwanted and unwelcomed intrusion of the anal cavity by some form of penis penetration.
: Nikki wanted to do well and please Shannon, but his lusts had been canvassing her whole body for a long time. Picking up on and sensing his apprehensions, Shannon touched his cheek lightly and said to him. "Considering all things, Nikki, I'm down for about anything you got on your mind. Just treat me right, respect me as you always have. Don't try and rape me or bugger me if I'm not in the mood.....just woo me and touch me and make me feel how I need to feel and I'll let you in anywhere you want".
by Nikki Stixx June 23, 2021
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Something that annoys you.
This puzzle is a bugger! I don't have a clue as to what to do next!
by talk2me-JCH2 January 26, 2021
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There once was a man from Belair
Who tried to bugger a bear.
But the beast was a brute
Who struck out at his root
Leaving nothing but testes and hair.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
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A variety of meanings.
1) To show annoyance
2) To sodomize
3) The aftermath of sodomization
4) To show a lack of interest
1) Bugger it.
2) Bugger me
3) I'm buggered
4) I cant be buggered to.
by Alex July 18, 2003
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British slang.

<i>vb.</i> the act of committing sodomy
<i>n.</i> person who commits sodmoy (n.), ie. has anal intercourse.

It is generally used about an annoying person or situation.
Bugger off (get lost).
Stop buggering me.
My boss is a bugger and a half.
Oh bugger (something went wrong).
by Tom March 23, 2004
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Australian, derived from buggering, which means anal intercourse. Now mostly used as a slang word as an exclamation of surprise or discontent. May be used to refer to a creature or human.
Discontent: Well I'll be buggered!, Disappointment: Oh bugger me, Referal to friend or colleague: The stupid bugger, Anal sex: Oh he buggered me all night
by Scott June 26, 2004
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