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the worst, most backwards media player ever compiled. Plays limited number of music formats (mainly used for windows shitty windows media files), uses an excessive amount of memory, has no good plug-ins, all plug-ins have to be bought and cost way the hell to much, and it can't even rip cd's to mp3 and doesn't even support mp4's like all its competitors (winamp, iTines, quicktime and real player). Basically another tool for microsoft to control most of the market share of everything. If you use windows media player, do yourself a favor and kill yourself or download winamp.
Windows Media Player sucks!
by mp4sarebetter November 24, 2004
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A very bad media player in comparison to others like winamp. Has the tendancy to miss the first two seconds of an audio file. It has a very complicated layout and large window size making a simple task like playing an audio file a chore. Ripping music is almost pointless due to this. on the plus side WMP opens faster than its competitors allowing you to play a file almost instantainiously. WMP also suffers from its horrid lack of plug-ins and the windows web sites don't even supply them for download.
Argh. I just wanted to play my movie but Windows Media Player doesn't support the plug-in.
by Willy Wonka December 31, 2004
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Stupid program that will play DVD's for some people but not for others. Completely illogical and impossible to use. Really pointless
"why the hell won't Windows media player play this DVD? It worked on my computer but not on this one."
by ihateu January 16, 2005
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Worthless music player because of its useless library (iTunes is better) and crappy sound quality (musicmatch jukebox is better. Uttely worthless media guide (Realone is better). Only good for watching porn, and you can do that on Real or WinDVD. It's the prettiest media player
WMP sucks, but on the bright has um.....pretty skins and visualizers.... oh! It burns pretty well too...thats pretty much it.
by ManoftheDiaspora July 28, 2005
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Pretty good program, considering its made by microsoft. Although its really bad about slowing my computer down (it is an HP, which sucks)
Running, Call of Duty, AIM, Norton Antivirus and listening to my Smashing Pumpkins CD on Windows Media actully slows down....thank you Windows XP
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