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1. A combination of keys used before a login screen is presented on Windows NT/2000/XP. This is used because it is the only combination that cannot be sent over a network. It is also used to bring up the task manager and, when pressed twice will reset the computer. For this reason it is sometimes called the 'Three-Finger-Salute'.

2. A comic strip written by Tim Buckley relating to computer and console gaming. It can be found at cad-comic.com
1. d00d! j00 wa5 pwning at CS and j00r b0x0r cr@5h3d! j00 had to use Ctrl-Alt-Del!

2. Did you see the latest Ctrl-Alt-Del comic strip? It was just up a couple of hours ago.
by Batiu-Drami January 31, 2005
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a condition where, whenever a song with a reasonable guitar track comes on the radio, an avid guitar hero player's fingers start twitching as though they were trying to hit the notes.

excessive guitar hero use may also lead to players envisioning a fretboard in their head when said tracks are played
my hands begin to twitch uncontrollably whenever 'sweet child of mine' comes on the radio - i've got the guitar hero twitch
by Batiu-Drami November 19, 2007
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Bastardisation of 'Lady' used by those of Asian decent to mock their inability to correctly pronounce english words.
JoweI: Lets go to the city and pick up some schladies, lah
by Batiu-Drami April 06, 2005
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I miss my old girlfriend, but not really
"Yep! Stands for 'I miss my old girlfriend, but not really'. Used all the time".
by Batiu-Drami May 27, 2008
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