11 definitions by Fury1671

Person who sits in one spot and shoots people. Most often misinterpreted with Sniper. Also assoicated with n00b.

Also have a tendancy to wine and moan when killed.
Guy1: Fear my 1337 sniping skillz.
by Fury1671 November 8, 2003
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A very powerful handgun that fires the bigger calibur bullets. The gay Counterstrike way to say it. Most popular in .50 Calibur. It is a one shot wonder. The recoil on this gun is amazing, but so is the stoping power. If you hit some1 with this gun, they will drop. If not, well your fucked.
Its not Degle, its Desert Eagle, or .50 gay CS people
by Fury1671 December 23, 2003
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Best morning show in Philadelphia. On 100.3 (Y100)
Preston and Steve are the best morning show ever.
by Fury1671 December 23, 2003
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The only way to fix Windows... Used to reset the computer and/or end programms running.
AHHHHH BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!! must press Ctrl+Alt+Del to save it!
by Fury1671 November 8, 2003
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What Bart's comic on Homer was called, in the Simpsons.
Watch the simpsons, and you'll see.
by Fury1671 July 12, 2004
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A screen that made you commit suicide thanks smart people at Microsoft. Now made Extinct by Windows XP, but that has its own problems.
A close relative to the BSOD is the General Protection Fault or
Critical Error
Damm those BSOD's.... wTF? i got A GPF already!
by Fury1671 November 8, 2003
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What 40yr old males who live with their mothers do. Internet version of Phone Sex.
It is also done by preteen 6yrold boys who havent had their Balls drop yet.
by Fury1671 December 11, 2003
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