when your computer crashes, press CTRL-ALT-DEL.

This will bring up a program called the "task manager", which freezes all forms of input possible, other than the keys, CTRL, ALT, and DEL.
Did you know that if you press CTRL-ALT-DEL and hold it for a really long time, the task manager will come up several hundred times, thus freezing up your computer even more! Thanks Micro$oft!
by Mike Mesenbring December 10, 2004
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To be task managered:
Having your computer frozen by a nearby twat
In institutions such as schools, where the task manager command is disabled, by pressing and holding the keys Ctrl, Shift and Esc for a period of time it is easy to successfully freeze a colleague's computer. This causes them to lose all their work. TASK MANAGERED!
by gaaaaaaaaaay kenilworth October 8, 2009
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The hitman of your computer. Kill those pesky programs that just don't leave.
Person 1: wow, how did you kill skype?
Person 2: I just used my task manager to get rid of it.
by Fr34k August 26, 2019
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to end things

or show every task
pls use windows task manager to end windows explorer.
by tre2012 August 4, 2015
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The Task Manager Lag comes about when the user is trying to shut a program down in one of the versions of Microsoft Windows. The Task Manager, which can be accessed by moving the Mouse-Pointer to the Taskbar at the Bottom of the screen; then using the Right-Click Button on the Mouse; which then lets you can choose the (Task Manager). In "ALL" of the versions of Microsoft Windows the Task Manager has always had a very long lag time between the point where you choose to Shut the Program down; to where the program actually closes down. This Lag-Time is something Microsoft just seems unable, or unwilling to correct.
Real Player is such junk! And every time I go to shut it down, the Task Manager Lag can be easily a minute! In over 15 years Microsoft still hasn't been able to fix this giant problem!
by the2ndflood August 4, 2008
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