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A term saying that the number before is approximate and may decrease or increase depending on the circumstance.
We will leave at nine, since the drive is an hour or so.
by EXTERMINATE! November 09, 2013
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a phrase used to describe an estimated amount or time. when used with time, it refers to a 10-20 minute time frame difference after the given time or around 2-5 minutes before said time; when used with numbers, it generalizes within 5-7.
"When are we leaving for the movies?"
"Around 10 or so"
-anywhere between 9:55-10:20

"How many people are going to your party?"
"Probably 50 or so"
-50-57 people
by carlcarlcarlcarlcarlkinz September 01, 2010
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When someone has consumed enough alcohol or substance that they pick any random word and start inserting it into every sentence they say, constantly repeating it.
"Nathan is really pulling an orso tonight, he won't stop saying banana"
"Liam is just being an orso tonight, he is so repetitive"
by ClipClop September 05, 2015
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