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Official sport of Dub C. Involves a pool table, running, and a lot of head injuries... Uses two balls, the Crike and the Striker. One throws the Striker to hit the Crike, and each successive player must in turn prevent the Crike from stopping at the risk of gaining a letter. If a player hits the Crike into a hole, the next player has been "Criked" and gains a letter. When one gains all the letter in "Crike" they are out. Last man in wins.

Famous players include Benny Ou and Sean "Loose Cannon" Capener.
As the ball just misses Stens' head...
"Are you KIDDING me CapeDaddy?!"
by SpaceBrat May 17, 2005
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Has many believed meanings but only one true meaning. Is an adjective used to describe a person (usually a man) , who is full of moral virtues , humble and also a gentleman as well as being spontaneous , up for a great laugh and simply the perfect man. Crike seems to be a ladies man and a charmer, and always seems to have girls falling left, right and centre for him. He has no flaws and remains calm no matter what. In truth, the crike is the guy every girl wants to be with and every man wants to be best friends with.
by mikethecrikexox January 02, 2014
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Derogatory term for an Australian, especially the poor/homeless ones. Derives from the expression "crikey," popular in Australia.
I was going to the ice cream parlor yesterday when some crike asked me for money.
by sugariana May 30, 2017
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