1) A well composed/happy person.

2) To do something well/flawlessly. From the measuring tape held by Mary Poppins "Practically Perfect in Every Way."
"How'd you do on test?"
"I Mary Poppins'd it."
by Christoper M Norton January 9, 2006
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When a beautiful, proper, British chick gives a handjob, while singing step by step directions of what she is doing.
While he received a Mary Poppins last night; she was singing “ A hand full of penis helps the jizz come up”!
by TheRealMcNasty May 28, 2018
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Someone who is riding a bike dressed in a suit or dress.
"My car broke down so I have to Mary Poppins it into work today." or "Dude, did you see that Mary Poppins on your way in this morning? "
by segoots14 June 17, 2015
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A rather malicious form of homicide where you stuff a closed umbrella down the victim's throat and open it when it's down there. Rather cruel, but you must give credit for the stylish nature.
Mike shoves an umbrella down Paul's Throat

Mike: Thats for not selling me your Reading Railroad Bitch! You just got a Mary Poppins!

Paul: (Says nothing because he just got Mary Poppins-ed"
by xwasteofdeathx September 26, 2007
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At the completion of a blowjob, the recipient takes a spoonful of sugar to mix in with the "jizz" (ejaculate) in the givers oral cavity (mouth) to help the "medicine" go down; typically done to augment the taste.
Hey Bob, Jamarius has given Caitlin so many Mary Poppins that she has now three cavities.
by Ross Procick February 15, 2009
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Mary Poppins is a strain of cannabis created and cultivated by Mykilo Sosa, an activist and connoisseur who currently resides in Northern Indiana. Its true genetics remain a secret, but there are elements of Hashplant (Sensi Seeds), LSD Lifesaver x Deisel Sour(Bog Seed Co.), and various others Mr. Sosa has grown in the past.
Mr. Sosa, why do you call this particular strain of cannabis Mary Poppins?
Well, because its that super-cali-fragilistic-expiali-doja; like some of that real Cali shit!
by Qorn36 December 3, 2010
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1. Perfection.

2. Those stupid girls who look good in a fucking sack and can play in mud and look like a beauty queen. They get the promotions, the pay rises and the gorgeous clothes.
You secretly want to stab these people in the back on the head with scissors.
1. Aaaah! Look at that skirt! You would look Mary Poppins in it!

2. Oh fuck me! Leah is such a Mary Poppins I want to stab her in the back of the head with scissors
by GODFREY! March 4, 2009
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