Another Name for the The Prom as in the USA. And just as it is in the USA, the ball, as it's called in Australia, features similar events.

At the Ball you can expect to Find:
1. Girls Dressed as Slutty Preps, with Boyfriends 10 years older than them.
2. Guys Dressed as Professional Manwhores.
3. Poor Dancing and Music.
4. Very Bad Food and Beverages.

But after The Ball is the real Main Course. It wouldn't be uncommon to find:
1. Mass Loss of Virginity.
2. Mass Drunkeness
3. Mass Fights and Bickering.
4. Exposure to Powerfull Drugs.

Yep The Ball is certainly one of the greatest assets we have. Schools plan it about 1 Year ahead, and even show students how to apply condoms. Isn't it great how responsible we are?

What a great memory to have. The problem is it's not a memory, your either too drunk to remember, or never talk about it again. What a joke.
Rebecca spent an Amazing $1000 of her parents hard earned money on her dress that was too big for her anyway.

Simon spent $500 on his ball suit, made himself look professional and neat. His dad gave him a few tips and condoms.

Rebecca and Simon took a Limousine to the ball, not really caring about the ball itself, but what would eventually happen.

They ate the crap food, listened to the shit music, danced like a true couple does, showing how grown up and mature they could be. They had heaps of photo's taken, so their parents would see how great they looked and acted.

After the ball they hopped back in the Limousine were Rebecca got fingered. Once they got to the after party, rebecca and Simon drank and drank until they were completely smashed.

Simon spewed up over all of his friends, and rebecca made out with one of her best mates. Simon and Rebecca eventually hooked up, found a spot in some bush were both forgot about their condom training, and had unprotected sex for 2 minutes. Both virgins no more.

A few weeks later, Rebecca is pregnant and both of the young couple are more than screwed. Rebecca hasn't spoke to her mate either.

The Cost of Rebecca's Virginity and Dignity: $1000.
The Cost for Simon to Take Rebecca's Virginity: $500.

The Cost to Society:
1. Sexually Transmitted Infections, Arrising from New Sexual Appetite: $millions
2. Teenage Preganancy's (Government Payments): $millions
3. Cost of Unreplaceable Virginity in Future Marriage or Partner: -Unreplaceable-

That my Friends is The Ball and The Prom.
by sxar June 17, 2005
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its like bigin up something the urban uk version would be "brap brap", or creating a hype whilst dancing, partying etc...
its Punjabi, and used in almost every punjabi song
Balle Balle Shava Shava
by PanjabiPaki January 11, 2009
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The strange occurance of a male having three testicles.
Dude, I never knew you had ball balls!
by Lois February 20, 2004
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Urban greeting, affirmation or agreeable gesture.
two people making fist bumps. "balls on balls" said as knucks touch.
by A-team Ame April 18, 2008
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A unit of measuring time; it lies somewhere between "brief" and "just a moment"
Bro 1: "This machine is going balls to balls right now."
Bro 2: "Man, that is fast dude. That's some kind of record."
Bro 1: "Dude..."
by Major Bingus May 7, 2015
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Pronun key: Ball-ball
Noun: A game
Ball ball is a game, where one person is holding a yoga ball, and another person charges at the Baller(The person holding the yoga ball). The Baller, is also knows as the Jumper, because, when the Charger, charges at the Baller, The baller jumps in the air, where normally, The charger and Jumper get bounced back for, or, the Baller, Ends up fliping, Around, Or Over the Charger.
Friend 1:Yo, lets go play some ball ball man.
friend 2:I'm still injured from the last time you flipped me when we played....
Friend 1:........So are we playing or are you a pussy?
by Me-hung-low August 18, 2006
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When a bitch be so fascinated wit' yo balls she be playin' round wit' em like she in vegas on a slot machine. or some shit. You think there be some ma'fuckin' lights and all them casino noises goin' off, the way she be actin'. Bitch think she gone won the damn jackpot, an' shit. Crazy bitch. Damn...
Yo, I jus' kicked it las' night while my bitch be playin' balls balls balls.
by B-Diggbigitty February 1, 2008
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