When a girl sits on a mans penis and bounces as she holds his legs up like handlebars.
by Alrighty then people's we good December 5, 2016
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When a woman sits on your face with her vagina directly over your mouth (the females clitoris is at the tip of your nose) and you let her ride your face until she orgasms.
(first person): Dude last night Susan came three times in my mouth.

(second person): dude you let her ride the bike?! Awesome!!!
by nelly4tado June 17, 2010
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To defecate in a public toilet. Usually used between friends or co-workers without bringing attention to those around them.
Ray: Where is Chuck?
Allan: He is riding the bike.
Ray: I should have known...he rides it everyday after lunch.
by sstallionn7 August 12, 2009
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I was riding the bike so fast yesterday... I think I might have injured myself.
by Soullivuhn October 17, 2004
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Something that, once learned, is difficult to forget how to do/easy to recall how to do.
"Man, I haven't gone sailing years"
"Come on, man, it's like riding a bike!"
by ChopHo1886 September 11, 2009
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"You want me to do what? Ride my bike!"
by Evildix October 28, 2004
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