When a man puts his testicle(s) inside the anus of another man or woman.
I really had to warm up the family jewels so Stacey let me incubate in her.
by Ben Booper January 16, 2017
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1. The wittiest man alive.
2. Wit as it would appear in a human form.
3. Extremely sexy hunk
The-Incubator is witty. (note that the previous example was redundant)
by Albert Einstein July 6, 2003
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when you're in a friends car as you leave, you fart then close the door really quick. The fart incubates so the next time the car is opened it smells like shit. Works best in summer
"You asshole! You left an incubator in my car!"
by Matt-Klang February 22, 2010
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A woman who carries a fetus for nine months and then bcomes a nonexisting parent and unmotherly.
Brandt was "Father of the Year" to their child while his incubator of a wife never even celebrated Mother's Day.
by Wild Bor April 16, 2012
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A woman that has children and doesn't care or support them.
by Don see nothing February 28, 2012
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A human miracle. Legend has it that he will someday return and restore wit to the world.
The-Incubator really is witty.
by GokuFan-san (^_^) June 13, 2004
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The act of placing your cold testicles into a womans warm vagina, and letting them toast to a desireable temperature. For the ultimate effect, a woman can queef the balls out of her snatch, giving the man the ultimate finish.
\\\"Yo I gave Catelyn the incubator last night. It was so warm in there.\\\"

\\\"Really, did she thaw your balls out\\\"

\\\" Yea! They were toasted. Plus she queefed them out!!!\\\"
by BOB\\\'s CLASS March 21, 2007
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